Customized plastic kegs

As we are an enterprise who can provide R&D, production, sales and service together, we have our own R&D team and production line, it's easy to customize all of our products - reusable plastic beer kegs, plastic ecokegs, portable plastic mini kegs, by:

  1. personalized printed sleeve on the keg

  2. very limited investment for an interchangable insert for the blow molds/injection molds, to have your own logo on the blow molded keg body or injection molded plastic parts, you can have your own   brand kegs easily.

  3. to change the color for the kegs, you can have your own colored kegs.

  4. by adjusting the blow molding process, to adjust the wall thickness of the blow molded kegs, you can have your plastic kegs with specified strength, for your specificed products.

  5. to invest your own molds for the kegs/plastic parts, we have a professional team for R&D and product design, mold design, project management, mold fabrication and products manufacturing, with   limited investment and short time frame, you can have your own kegs on your volume, shape, structure, etc......

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