The safest plastic kegs

As the safest plastic kegs globally, all Gprokeg plastic kegs are the first one, and could be the only plastic kegs at the moment with the characteristics:

  1. Never burst, the most safe solution of plastic keg for carbonated beverages

  2. Over 20 bar pressure resistance for reusable plastic kegs

  3. Over 15 bar pressure resistance for plastic eco-kegs

  4. Overpressure valve for double guarantee of safety

The safety of plastic kegs for beverages packing is very important, especially for the carbonated beverages, e.g. beer, cider, etc., under high temperature during transport or storage, the CO2 comes out from the carbonated beverages, makes the pressure inside the kegs go up an up; for most beer or cider, the pressure inside the keg can go up to even 8 bar; for such a big volume of keg with so high pressure, it's possible to cause the burst of the plastic keg, the shoot out component or burst into pieces from the plastic kegs like a bullet or even like a bomb, it's possible to injure or even kill people.

the Gprokeg team considered about this carefully from the beginning of R&D, we choose HDPE polymer instead of PET for the blow molded kegs body, with proper wall thickness for the keg body but still with competitive cost; with enough elongation from the HDPE polymer, even if under extremely high pressure, e.g. over 15bar - 20 bar pressure from some beverages with high CO2 content and/or under too high temperature, or even wrong handling from the people to have extremely high pressure filled into the keg for dispensing, etc., the keg body will be only tore, never burst, to ensure 100% safety of the Gprokeg plastic kegs.

all Gprokeg plastic kegs are with glass fiber winding for reinforcement (GFRP kegs), the plastic eco-keg (for both one-way and reusable) can stand over 15bar pressure, the reusable plastic kegs can stand over 20 bar or even 30 bar pressure; which is very strong for carbonated beverages packaging, none of the carbonated beverages can make so high inner pressure.

in additional, for all of Gprokeg GFRP kegs, there is a overpressure valve, which can set the safety pressure around 6 bar ~ 8 bar, to double guarantee the safety of the plastic kegs.

the unique Gprokeg GFRP keg, is the first one and could be the only one in this industry globally with such safety technology for carbonated beverages, the safety is our first priority for the plastic kegs, with years R&D by cooperating with international companies and research centers worldwide on strength, toughness, elongation, ESCR, etc... on the material for the plastic kegs, with hundreds of materials trial and thousands of relative tests, we are sure that the Gprokeg GFRP kegs are the safest plastic keg solution for carbonated beverages: