Economical solution of Gprokeg plastic kegs

High performance and competitive price are always considered together by the breweries, besides the very high performances, the Gprokeg plastic kegs are also economical packaging solution for all beverages:

  1. Cheaper than metal kegs

  2. Reusable keg solution for cost saving

  3. No worry of keg lost

  4. Compatible with existing standard metal couplers - A/S/D couplers, no additional investments needed.

  5. Compatible with existing filling line, no relative investment needed

  6. No cleaning/drying/sterilization needed, no relative costs and relative investment needed

  7. The filled beer can be fully empty, one more glass of beer can get per keg than normal

  8. Option of compressed air for beverage dispensing

  9. Light weight, transport cost saving

With optimized product design, with new material choosing (even new material technology from the automotive industry), and new technologies for relative manufacturing, the Gprokeg team can have all of our products with very high performance but competitive price, the price of most of our plastic kegs is only about 10%~20% of the high end stainless steel kegs, makes it possible for all breweries to have thousands of kegs for peak seasons without too much investments.

For the reusable plastic kegs, the keg is reusable, only the spear/inner bag is disposable, which can have a significantly cost saving for the breweries, only for 3~4 cycles, the cost of the reusable keg per cycle is cheaper than all of the one-way plastic kegs on the market already; the cost of disposable spear/inner bag is competitive to the cleaning/drying/sterilization/flushing cost of metal kegs, considering of one extra glass of beer can get per keg, it's more than enough to cover the disposable cost; also considering of cmopressed air instead of pure CO2 for beer dispensing, the saved cost can cover most of the disposable cost too; if considering more about transport cost saving, keg maintenance cost, keg lost, financing cost, etc., compare with the metal kegs, the Gprokeg reusable GFRP kegs can help the breweries to save a lot of costs; in additional, as the reusable plastic keg is much cheaper than the stainless keg, if deposit for the kegs, it's almost zero investment for the breweries for the Gprokeg reuable plastic kegs.

For stainless steel kegs, the breweries always worry about the loss of the kegs, as such kegs can be always sold to the second hand market or other breweries or sold as recycle material, etc... always a lot of loss on this for relative breweries; for the Gprokeg plastic kegs, if eco-keg for one-way use, it's one time use, no need to return and no keg loss issue for sure; for the reusable keg, it has to be returned to the breweries to change the spear/inner bag for next time filling, the consumers/customers have to return the kegs to the breweries; even if loss of such keg, the deposit is enough to cover such loss. so, the breweries never need to   worry about the loss of Gprokeg plastic kegs.

For the Gprokeg plastic eco-kegs which can be used for both one-way and reusable, it's perfect for export market, or long distance transport, as one-way plastic keg; the cost per liter beer of such eco-keg is even competitive to glass bottle and/or metal can, no need to be returned and no return cost, and also no relative cost of keg loss for sure.

The spear/valve system of the Gprokeg plastic kegs-A type spear, S type spear, D type spear, are same as the one from the stainless steel kegs, all of them can fit perfectly with the existing standard metal couplers - A coupler, S coupler, D coupler; no any additional investments for breweries and consumers needed for relative couplers.

As the spear/valve system is same as the one of metal kegs, all Gprokeg plastic kegs are compatible with the existing filling line, the breweries don't need to do any additional investments on filling line for the   Gprokeg plastic kegs.

Thanks to the inner beer bag system, the Gprokeg spear/inner bag system is well prepared by air replacement with inert gas/radiation sterilization/vacuumization, it's completely clean, without any air (O2) inside, the beer can be filled directly into the inner bag without any additional cleaning/drying/sterilization/flushing with inert gas, etc., it simplify the whole process and reduce relative costs significantly; for a brewey,   especially for a new brewery, they can save a lot of investment for such a cleaning line, as only small filling area needed,even 2~3 square meter is enough for the Gprokeg plastic keg filling, no need to have big factory building and it can also save a lot of investment for the breweries. don't worry about the place for empty keg storing, the Gprokeg plastic kegs are lighter than the stainless steel keg, with the optimized design on top and bottom chime of the kegs, they can be staked much higher with more layers than the one of stainless steel kegs, even if it fall down, it will not have crack lines like the metal kegs.

Thanks to the inner beer bag system, during the beer dispensed from the keg, the pressure medium is filled into the space between the keg and the inner bag, the pressure medium will not contact the beer filled in the inner beer bag, so, it's an option to have compressed air for beer dispensing, which can save cost from the inert gas (CO2) as pressure medium, with extremely high barrier performance for the inner beer bag, even if compressure air for pressure medium, the beer in the inner beer bag still can be kept for over one month time;

The pressure medium filled into the space between keg and inner bag to squeeze the inner beer bag, to push out the beer in the inner beer bag, all the beer filled into the Gprokeg plastic kegs can be fully emptied till the last drop without any spills or splashing; for the stainless steel keg or other plastic beer keg without inner beer bag, the last glass of beer is always full of bubbles as the beer comes out with the CO2 together, which can not for   drinking; so, for the same volume, it can get one extra glass of beer per keg from the Gprokeg plastic kegs, the value is more than enough to cover the disposable cost of the Gprokeg reusable plastic kegs, or even to cover half of the total cost of Gprokeg plastic eco-kegs.

As optimized design as well new material & technologies used, the Gprokeg plastic kegs are much lighter than the one of stainless steel kegs, which allowed to load more filled kegs or empty kegs in the container even if weight limited in transportation, this can help the breweries to save a lot of transport cost as well.