The greenest plastic kegs

Instead of only focusing on recyclable, we focus more on the reusability, to reduce the total amount of material waste, water waste, chemicals, transport, to reduce the carbon emission and save our environment.

  1. About 80% less material waste vs one-way plastic kegs

    All Gprokeg plastic kegs are reusable, only the inner bags are disposable; besides all material/components are recyclable, much less waste vs one-way plastic kegs, which is far ahead on saving our environment vs the one-way plastic kegs.

  2. About 90% less water waste vs stainless steel kegs

    the spears and inner bags are well prepared with vacuumization, air replacement, sterilization (high temperature, alcohol, O3, radiation), no washing/cleaning and relative chemical needed.

  3. About 98% less CO2 emission/waste   vs stainless steel and one-way plastic kegs.

    as well prepared inner bag with vacuum and air replacement already, complete no air inside the inner bag, no CO2 needed to flush the kegs for air replacement in cleaning/filling process vs stainless steel kegs and one-way kegs without inner bag; in beer dispensing process, as compressed air instead of CO2 for beer dispensing for the Gprokeg plastic kegs, no CO2 and/or other inert gas for the beer dispensing too. almost no CO2 for the beer filling and dispensing process, much less CO2 waste and emission vs the stainless steel kegs and one-way plastic kegs without inner bag inside the keg.

  4. About 80% less carbon footprint vs one-way plastic kegs and stainless steel kegs.

    all Gprokeg plastic kegs are reusable, less production of new components and materials, less carbon footprint vs the one-way plastic kegs and stainless steel kegs.

  5. Over 90% less water and chemical contamination vs stainless steel kegs.

    As no washing/cleaning needed for the Gprokeg plastic kegs, no relative chemical agent needed too, so, no water contamination from such chemical agent or from the spoilt beer and/or beverages, far ahead of Gprokeg plastic kegs on eco-friendly vs the stainless steel kegs.

All Grokeg GFRP/plastic kegs are the greenest plastic kegs globally.